Introducing iSOL8…!

Entertainment media creation agency groovehype is delighted to announce that it has been hired to represent a one-off spoof live event production industry magazine.

Created by enigmatic editor-in-chief Stanley Bunion, O.B.E., iSOL8 magazine is the result of a restless, stir crazy mind. Once a regular BBC ‘Points Of View’ correspondent, Bunion explained that his mission was to “throw together” this ‘2020 Holiday Special’ to simply have a “jolly good giggle” and lift the spirits of event professionals during the extensive COVID-19 lockdown.

Said Bunion: “It’s a rough old bag of silly, random nonsense; a shamelessly crap attempt at satire, designed to drag a smile from your hygienically masked face. I should know better, of course, but even if that smile lasts a mere second, it was worth it.

“Naturally, those of ‘superior intellect’ who take themselves a little too seriously will be irritated but we all know they are in the minority, don’t we?”

He added: “The odds are that you will only ever see this début issue of iSOL8. It’s somewhat poetic that it will almost certainly remain a solitary creation that began with a couple of stupid graphics and a challenge from a friend, who probably now wishes he had kept his trap shut.”

Published by HooveGrype, iSOL8 is distributed exclusively by the rather similar sounding groovehype, whose founder Mark Cunningham commented: “Stanley is a daft but selfless visionary who deserves acclaim for devoting his valuable plant-watering hours to this amusing project and shining a little light in these dark times.”

Click on the front page graphic to download your own PDF copy of iSOL8.

iSOL8 - 2020 HOLIDAY SPECIAL cover