Giving past labours a makeover.

Lavishly repackaged classic albums continue to swell the coffers of record companies whose survival in an era of oversaturation depends as much on past glories as present-day talent.

For example, a single-disc album that was originally released in, say, 1985 will be available today with five or more additional discs of demos and outtakes and videos, and accompanied by a heavily illustrated, 72-page book. I swear it’s only a matter of time before the ‘turbo nutter ultra deluxe’ version comes with the drummer’s toe nail clippings and a previously cherished Kleenex tissue. That’ll be £500, thank you very much.

One only has to look at a cross-section of the product released in 2019 to appreciate the market effect of the pimped-up reissue. Last year alone saw the Stones, Madonna, R.E.M., Jethro Tull and many others open their vaults to deliver a vast amount of unheard archive material. And then we had The Beatles who followed the success of their eye-watering Sgt Pepper and White Album reissues with a 50th anniversary edition of Abbey Road. In October, it went to No.1, with Liam Gallagher, Lewis Capaldi and rap group D-Block Europe trailing behind.

If the music of the past can get a makeover and books can be republished in updated editions, why not old feature stories? That’s a question I asked myself several years ago when I had the opportunity to reappraise some of my own work from days gone by. Indeed, why not?

The idea is simple: locate one’s original text file, review and, where necessary, revise. One then has to decide whether or not to inflict this revision upon an audience in a “remastered” digital format.

Genesis: Turning It On Again – Designing The 2007 World Tour is an example of one of my more recent revisitations and if you are technically-minded or simply curious about how a show is put together, you might even enjoy it.

Please click on the e-book cover image and all will be revealed.

N.B. Phil Collins’ toe nail clippings are not available in this version.

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